Smartmatic threatens Venezuelan blogger

Act 1: an employee of Smartmatic, a technology company let’s not forget, makes a threat in comment section of Daniel’s blog, leaving his IP address (

Act 2: using a pseudonym (cmostaza), the same employee makes another comment, from the same IP address.

Act 3: Alek remembers comments of cmostaza in Twitter, and Googles “/coronel mostaza/” “/smartmatic/”

Act 4: Alek clicks on Google link and finds out that cmostaza is Luis Acuña.

Act 5: Alek Googles “/luis acuña/” “/smartmatic/” and finds, among other interesting bits, this (source) that identifies Luis Acuña as Smartmatic’s Marketing & Communication Coordinator:

Luis Acuña, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Smartmatic

These are the ‘efficient’ people that run electronic elections around the world, and are meant to keep biometric information safe. Scary. Mexican readers note: the threats from this “Dutch company” come from Caracas.

UPDATE: Luis Acuña, Smartmatic’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator  has written to clarify his position. His comment … >>


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