Latest IPCC Global Warming report: alarmists running amok

And so it concludes the latest report released by the UN’s IPCC:

Although science to provide policymakers with information about climate change impacts and adaptation potential has improved since the Third Assessment, it still leaves many important questions to be answered. The chapters of the Working Group II report include a number of judgements about priorities for further observation and research, and this advice should be considered seriously…

Read “give us more money so that we can continue with the lucrative business of terrorizing the ignorant and the gullible, so that you -the report is addressed to policy makers- can tax people to hell and beyond.”

The ‘scientific report’ contains truly remarkable phrases, such as “Adaptation will be necessary to address impacts resulting from the warming which is already unavoidable due to past emissions.” This little sentence sums up rather neatly the intellectual dishonesty of the people involved in drafting the report, for it implies that global warming is a phenomena caused, determinedly, by anthropogenic past emissions. This is a lie and is not supported by evidence, in fact it disregards the geological and paleoclimate records and the very many periods of warming and cooling undergone in earth’s history, when anthropogenic causes did not even exist.

Interestingly the report states that poor nations will be hit the hardest by global warming. Presumably only strict adherence to development policies proposed by these ‘experts’ will minimize the impact on the world’s poorest. I would have thought I had seen racism in some of its crudest expressions but this certainly tops the list.

As hope is the last thing to die, one can only hope than some common sense will hit policy makers and this report will be treated for what it is; nothing but a statement of fact regarding climate change -as if it were a new discovery. Climate is always changing and no amount of taxes, conclusions based on resentment, hyperbole or, more mundanely, leftist bullshit will change the course of nature, thank heavens…

10 thoughts on “Latest IPCC Global Warming report: alarmists running amok”

  1. Came across your blog and was wondering if you would consider a link exchange with < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Immigration Orange<> as we both take on global issues from different perspectives. Email me at beausset at fas dot harvard dot edu.

  2. What planet are you living on? The science clearly shows that carbon emissions cause massive, violent climate shifts. We are emitting massive amounts of carbon, ergo . . . massive, violent climate shift. Happening now. NASA shows it with the melting ice fields, the IPCC (made up of the world’s foremost scientists) report shows it, indigenous communities in the north are talking about it. This is happening. The so-called climate debate is fabricated by those interested in perpetuating an unsustainable (and ultimately suicidal) policy of unrestrained growth.

  3. Oh well, here we go again…Kyle, this blog deals almost exclusively with Venezuelan issues. Should you feel that exchanging a link with yours will benefit your readers, do let me know.Matt, we live in the same planet. The science is very far from showing clearly that CO2 emissions cause massive, violent climate shifts. For your information the science shows that if there’s something about this earth that’s unpredictable and ever changing is climate. You say we are emitting massive amounts of carbon, would you care to provide credible scientific evidence of percentage of anthropogenic CO2 emissions in total greenhouse gases?Climate changing happening now? It’s been happening since earth’s formation mate, check paleoclimate records.IPCC made up of world’s foremost scientists? I beg to disagree.IMHO the climate change debate is fabricated by scaremongers in order to continue sucking public funds to advance their political agendas that, BTW have little to do climate change and lot to do with shameful attack on economic development. Climate is not something we humans will ever be able to change, what we could though is to destined the billions wasted in this futile debate to have a positive impact in those issues we can change.In closing and for the umpteenth time, I am not up with perpetuating suicidal and unrestrained growth, rather with sustainable development on poor nations so that millions of people can be lifted out from poverty.

  4. Alek,How does the “Global Warming” explain the fact that it snowed yesterday, in April, here in Virginia? I guess they will pretend it did not happen, right?By the way, when my Biology teacher was talking about the global warming, a student raised his hand and said: “In the 70’s it was the global cooling, now it is the global warming, I just wonder what will be next.”Hope you are okay.Happy Easter to you and your family!Isabela

  5. Love your quote of this planet could do without the global warming fraternity…I cannot understand how come the global warming Messiah (Al Gore), never wants to take on the scientist who want to challenge him. How about a round table about it?

  6. Ahh Feathers… As it turns, the glogal warming Messiah, the supreme priest of the scaremongering cult, is not an authoritative source on anything to do with earth sciences but a fucking politician, clever enough to apply chavezrealpolitik of bankrolling on people’s utter ignorance about the natural processes that shape climate. He is not an expert, that’s why he would never take on real experts on the subject. Only a few days ago, we heard from another ‘expert’ spokesman of Britain’s Green Party- that Chavez is a green. It goes to show how utterly hypocritical and deranged the hysterical global warming cult is.This planet could most certainly do without such dishonest intellectual rabble.

  7. I fully endorse your sensible position on this global warming fiasco. The AlGorists need to be educated and as soon as possible. The science on that side is absurd.

  8. Here’s < HREF="" REL="nofollow">a link<>a link to a guy who shares your views (as do I).He calls them the AlGorists ‘warmistas.’Also, Matt may feel a little silly after he watches ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle,’ and the documentaries out of Canada and Australia. I’ll see if I can find the links.

  9. Ahh, I see you have already posted on “the Great Global Warming Swindle.” Antone who hasn’t seen it can link to it on YouTube.

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