Another political prisoner escapes in Venezuela

Local sources have confirmed that former Yaracuy Governor Eduardo Lapi has escaped from prison in San Felipe. Lapi had been imprisoned for about one year. The prosecution never managed to present charges, which made Lapi one of the most notorious political prisoners of the Chavez regime.

It most be borne in mind that union leader Carlos Ortega was also thrown in jail on spurious accusations, though he too escaped from Venezuela’s purportedly most secure military prison.

Great news indeed as it becomes evident that dictator Hugo Chavez is not even capable of maintaining his political foes locked.


One thought on “Another political prisoner escapes in Venezuela”

  1. Yes, they are great news. Hope some day they are able to walk as free people but we are living in an upside down world, and the prissioners are the ones who should run the country, and the one who rules the country should be in prison.

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