Running out of steam…

It’s quite hard to keep blogging the bolivarian revolution. I started doing it in Nov 2002 and quite frankly I am getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of cohesion of the opposition movement as a whole; I see them as nothing more than a bunch of opportunists trying desperately to keep their parcels. They’ve got no soul nor do they seem to care about the future or the country. The political discourse in Venezuela is totally void of proposals, Chavez dictates the actions and everyone reacts and repeats his bullshit. Chavismo has become the dominant force in Venezuela through vote tampering that wasn’t acted upon when due. Jimmy Carter, Cesar Gaviria, Jennifer McCoy… they all contributed to the assassination of our fragile and incipient democracy without hesitations or remorse. On the other hand being an activist against the president of the fifth largest oil producer in the world is not an easy task, one gets the cold shoulder from everyone everywhere for the prospects of profiting from the revolution is just such an attractive idea. Hence, is it of any value to continue denouncing and shedding light upon issues that no one seems to care about? At this point I don’t know…

7 thoughts on “Running out of steam…”

  1. Alek,

    Your contributions here and at Vcrisis are invaluable. This will, unfortunately, take a very long time. But, as I see it, any Venezuelan who believes in democracy has to help expose the farce of chavismo, in any way s/he can.

    Take a break if you need to. But stay on course because we need your tenacity and intelligence.


  2. try not to react to the samll issues. keep it to the big points while your battery gets recharged. I understand how you feel. take a few days off.

  3. Alek – Without waxing poetic…should you choose to permanently leave, you would be sorely missed. Only you can decide what is the right course of action for you. And all of us know how wearing this struggle for Venezuela can be.

    Whatever your decision, know that your work to date has been appreciated by many, and that it has had some impact that will be seen over the longer term.

  4. Alek,I can’t help but associating a line from the movie Spiderman 2 with you. Paraphrasing, “Venezuela needs an Aleksander Boyd”. Please don’t let its mire bring you down.—

  5. I am a firm believer that societal change commences with individual change. The reason that makes chavistas unbearable is their complete abandonment to the whimsical desires of Chavez; it is their servile and unquestioning attitude that truly gets into my nerves for I can not conceive such stance from human beings gifted with intellect to question issues. So I do not know whether Venezuela needs an Aleksander Boyd what I do know is that I can not tolerate criticism from hypocritical lackeys that are unwilling to equally condemn the actions of their revered idol. No country was ever built upon social resentment and exclusion.

  6. Alek,By mire, I include posts such as the one after my previous one. (Note how it is an example of what it criticizes).Your character gives strength of mind to independent thinkers who might lack in your courage. Regardless of your opinions, your *example* is something all free thinkers need.Venezuela needs an Aleksander Boyd.—

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