Another FARC leader arrested in Venezuela

London 25.02.05 | Mmmm… How many meandering rivers have we got? Probably the answer would be as accurate as that of; how many narcoterrorists are actually operating in Venezuela? So Jessy announces that another FARC member has been arrested in connection to the kidnaping of Urbina’s mother. Perhaps the regime took extraordinary measures given Chavez’ love for baseball. However let us not get diverted from more pressing issues. As it happens the Colombian narcoterrorist arrested, Gentil Alvis Patiño, is also registered in Venezuela’s electoral role. Hey Interpol, you want to find the whereabouts of criminals? Check Venezuela’s REP!!!

Ahhh George wants to kill me!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Another FARC leader arrested in Venezuela”

  1. Another FARC leader (whose identity has been confirmed already by Colombian police chief); kidnaping of the mother of a very esteemed public figure; 600 kilos of cocaine seized…

    That is what Chavez, and his minion, support. And then the cry bloody murder owing to unfavourable press, the freaking nerve!!

  2. Alek – if Chavez is arresting the scumbag, it doesn’t mean he’s supporting the FARC. It means he’s cleaning up his act. Unless, of course, he is not cleaning up his act and trying to pass off bad merchandise as the real thing to the international community. I still think this Patino is fake, based on the dates of the news items. Chavez would not arrest a real FARC leader, even under international pressure. He will pay lip service to the idea, but he owes these FARC leaders way too much to really arrest any of their important ones willingly.

  3. Think about it AM the kidnap of the mother of one of the most revered baseball figures of the country doesn’t look good on the government. The issue remains; FARC has got nothing to do with local sentiments towards a given person, figure or its relatives. As long as they see the window of opportunity and money they’ll go for it. On the other hand I believe that Chavez thought this narcoterrorist was disposable together with the 600 kilos of cocaine that will never be destroyed but redistributed among corrupt police/military staff to engross the rainy day fund. Notice how Chavez jumped the gun by calling Uribe even before the identity of the outlaw was confirmed. Could it be an example of small dog appeasing big dog? Remember my article in that respect…

  4. Interesting thoughts, Alek (it’s Mora here and I forgot my password)- appeasement is a very good motive, because in many ways he is so weak, so unpopular. You also bring up a good point on that popular baseball guy, that’s got to be a factor.

    In any case, Pres. Uribe has just bombed the hell out of a FARC installation that was planning an attack on a little Colombian village as revenge for this Patino thing. The news was just out an hour ago, so it sounds like they got the right Patino. Uribe totally wasted them. How I love the smell of burnt guerrilla in the morning! !Viva el Presidente de Colombia! I just love that guy.

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