Venezuela’s Chavez on the USA’s assassination plot

chavez assassination plot

London 24.02.05 | One can only mock the pathetic and unsubstantiated ravings of Venezuela’s president Chavez and his minions in regards to the assassination plot that the USA is crafting to “liquidate” him. The caption reads:

Hey friends, you reckon I’ll be able to save my ass from assassination with: 100.000 rifles; 50 Migs; 40 choppers; 4 corvettes; 6 c-295; 12 Super Tucanos; the FARC; the Cuban G2; Tupamaros, Bolivarian Circles and the Venezuelan army?

The reply of his ‘friends’ (Castro, Ortega, Lula, Zapatero, Putin, Khatami, and Marulanda) is quite straightforward.


13 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Chavez on the USA’s assassination plot”

  1. Laughing up their sleeve at him and crying all the way to the bank. They’re rolling him. Chavez is such a sucker.

  2. Maybe Chavez’s supposed assassination plot is a plot of his own to arm his supporters. What could hush a dissenting voice more effectively than a buch of thugs armed with AK-47 in every corner?
    “Military trains students to use rifles; study guerilla tactics in the case of an external threat to Venezuelan national sovereignty”

  3. Chavez (el payaso de Miraflores) never speaks the truth, but saying that there is an assasination attempt on him may be the exception. It will not be by an attempt made by Bush, but by the FARC, who now is so enraged with Chavez that they’re ready to stop at nothing to get him. Of course, Chavez has already made it clear that Bush gets the blame anyway.


  4. Anonymous,
    That is a very interesting comment. I have not thought of that possibility before.
    Where did you hear or read about it?

  5. The Italians have a very good adjective to describe Chavez-like types:

    <>chiaccherone<>Which means someone who talks and talks crap and never performs. This assassination plot is as real as that of the 100 Colombian peasants who were going to kill him armed with pastries.

    BTW, if you read it in Vheadline chances are is pure and undistilled Carson’s propaganda.

  6. I do not usually read Vheadline but this time, I thought the training of “students” with the ak-47s to defend National Sovereignty sounded like something Chavez would say.
    “Last Sunday in the President’s weekly radio and TV program “Alo Presidente,” Chavez called on the “revolutionary squads” to prepare themselves and organize the local populace…….. Even though the official line is that the 100,000 AK 47 assault rifles from Russia will be used to replace outdated bolt action weapons, the latter will still exist in order to arm the population in the case of an emergency.
    In a news report on Venezuelan National Radio (RNV) last night, it was revealed that the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) will be located in the barracks and garrisons of the armed forces.”

  7. I’ll try to put the comment section in Vcrisis. However you can comment pretty much anything you want here in the blog.

  8. I went to an International ANSWER Coalition reportback on the recall referendum shortly after August and back even then, the leftists were talking about arming the students and barrios. It’s been on their minds for awhile now.

  9. I hope that Chavez sells all his oil to China and lets the USA have none. This would be an enconomic attack on the USA. I hope he continues to send oil to Cuba right under the nose of the hungary Americans.The possibility of this is why he is so disliked in America . Cuba has a friend and the just cannot deal with this.

  10. Yes Anonymous, let Chavez do just that. Furthermore why don’t you start a lobbying campaign to attain that goal? Perhaps Venezuela can start some sort of barter trade with Cuba and China; oil for jineteras, cheap labour and communism.

  11. Well the assasination saga continues…
    Venezuela eyes U.S. military on Curacao
    Monday, February 28, 2005 Posted: 12:53 PM EST (1753 GMT)

    “CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s navy is taking a close look at the American military presence on the nearby island of Curacao to determine the intention of U.S. operations there, Venezuela’s navy commander said Monday.”

    This article is currently being commented on at

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