An image is worth a thousand words…

My previous post about Pinochet has caused outrage to some PSF. To those who spouse political ideals from the sinistra here’s this image that encapsulates perfectly my feelings vis-a-vis their most powerful icon:

Chupense ese caramelito!!


9 thoughts on “An image is worth a thousand words…”

  1. Alek
    Nice to see a decent picture of el Che. Nothing irks me more that walking into a home or office and seeing a poster of el che. You ask people do you know what he stood for? they do not have a clue. I always proceed to inform them, usualy to their I can not believe it expression.

  2. It is so true the universities are infected with all kinds of lenin/castro/che lovers and now to make it all worse chavez lovers. sad but true. I confronted one of the guys b/c I had to work with him. I told him all that chavez has been doing. His first reaction was: well you are from the upper class. I informed him that he was wrong and gave him my life story. After much arguing I succed it in at least making him look at it more objectibly. IT took me 3 Hrs!!! I think it was worth it!

  3. It is we should make a t-shirt with it. They biggest shame is that he is a hero for so many. It is just crazy!!!

  4. Che Guevara was an Argentine toff. Idle, smoking with a cigarette-holder, denying himself no luxury, the little Ralph-Lauren-clad creep took pride at thinking he was entitled to things that others weren’t. But there are a lot of pigs of his sort around. What made him especially despicable was that he was a wealthy Europeanish foreigner who took his act on the road and made himself into the First Sandalista, shoving communism onto Cuba as his punishment to his ‘inferiors.’ The scumbag couldn’t stop himself though, and went on Sandalista adventures all through the hemisphere and Africa, spreading misery wherever he went. Bolivia’s sturdy peasants had about enough of this crap and took care of business. Meanwhile, back in Buenos Aires, when I was there, I was more than a little pleased to learn that Che’s family house was all set for the wrecking ball and no one was going to step forward to preserve the mess. Che, you’re dead and your house is erased from the face of the earth. Thus may it ever be to such tyrants.

  5. anonymous 2 here. having worked in advertising as a creative director for many years, my opinion is that without his revolutoinary “drag” of beard and beret, and this particularly fetching photo which transfers so well to a black and white revo-graphic so suitable for stenciling barrio walls–che would have faded from existence. his brutal schemes and inhuman treatment of so many people should not be glorified. but the graphic is simply too damn cool, and so he will be forever admired.

  6. Well well. I came across this page because I’m looking for an image of Hugo Chavez to turn into a version of the iconic Che picture. I guess you people won’t be wanting to buy one then. Perhaps a picture of ‘Adolf’ Bush would be more to your liking.

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