Venezuela’s Chavez takes it against McDonald’s

London 06.02.05 | Hugo Chavez has taken his personal quarrel with the USA to the terrain of small private enterprise. Any person familiar with the system of franchises know that McDonald’s, at least in Venezuela, operates under such mechanism. As such, when the SENIAT (Venezuela’s tax office) closes 80 restaurants affiliated to McDonald’s Chavez is effectively harming 80 Venezuelan companies much more than the US junk food giant. It seems to me that the man is screaming out loud for confrontation these days and it also appears, in light of the recent comments of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega, that he may get his wishes fulfilled.


3 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Chavez takes it against McDonald’s”

  1. Well if we were to assume that each restaurants employs direclty 10 people I guess you can do the math. That’s a direct hit to 80 families.

  2. This is nothing new, SENIAT routinly close down stores, In el sambil in Margarita, a girl that works at one of the stores told us in one week about 8 stores were closed down, hence went bankrupt as well. Not only that but SENIAT officials have also been using there power to extort money from citizens.

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